RideWear @ the Market...Hip Handmade Market, Spring 2016
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RideWear @ the Market...Hip Handmade Market, Spring 2016

The end of April included quite the exciting milestone for RideWear.

If you are asking: WHY?...Well, sadly you missed out ;)

Because April 22-23 we were lucky enough to participate in Joplin’s prime artist/maker event, the Hip Handmade Market (HHM). This market was our first time to physically set up shop…providing the perfect opportunity to show and tell people about our products.

RideWear Booth, HHM S2016

The event began Friday evening and concluded Saturday afternoon, with plenty more hours, days, weeks of planning, prep, creating, and designing leading up to it. In fact, the entire process began months prior, with us filling out an application to participate in the Spring 2016 HHM. We were then notified, a few weeks later, that RideWear was approved by the committee. Happy Dance :)

Once informed we were IN…it was “Go Time” for creating earrings, building up inventory, finalizing marketing material, as well as brainstorming and building our booth display. Wheew. There was plenty to get done, and we wanted everything to look as top-notch as possible come market day.

HHM Spring 2016: Earrings & T-shirt Prep

Thankfully Jon is quite handy when it comes to scheming with me on neat ways to showcase our jewelry…and even more handy when it comes to turning those schemes into reality. So while I was busy sculpting and wire-wrapping earrings, he was out cutting and hammering wood for our sign and table-top tiers.

HHM Spring 2016: Sign and Tiers

Finally, the week of the market was upon us. We had our hands full as we boxed, labeled, organized and finalized all our jewelry and extras. Before we knew it…Friday afternoon had arrived and it was our turn for booth set-up. We carted in all our display pieces and products, and after an hour or two of assembly…the RideWear shop was ready to greet people.

HHM Spring 2016: Boxing and Booth

The market truly provided a wonderful atmosphere for us to relay the story of our upcycled jewelry. We had numerous fun conversations and received some really encouraging feedback from attendees.

It was such a delight to introduce new people to our designs, as well as have current RideWear wearers stop by to purchase their second, or third, pair. Say what?!

Additionally, we had a few loving friends and family members drop by to show their support and see how things were going. So really, what more could we ask for? :)

All in all, it made for one exhilarating…yet exhausting ;) weekend.

The Reeds rocking' the RideWear booth, HHM S2016

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