The Making of RideWear Earrings
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The Making of RideWear Earrings

I realized early on that making earrings is an art, which is why Rachel is the mastermind behind designing and crafting each pair. However, before a pair can be sculpted, the carbon frame must be cut down into more manageable pieces. This is where my expertise comes into play! I may not be the best at forming beautiful carbon pendants or working with delicate wire, but I am great at wielding a 1.6hp, 11,000 rpm, angle grinder. With this fun tool I cut down the frames into 8 - 12 inch long pieces which I then split down the middle so they are easier to manage. After I clean them up a bit, I hand them off to Rachel who transforms the pieces into unique earrings.

To begin the design phase, Rachel will roughly sketch the shape of each earring pendant onto the carbon piece with a wax pencil. Often going back and forth with various designs, she ends up with a fun outline that takes advantage of the unique color and shape the bike frame offers. With Dremel in hand, she begins to carefully cut out the pendants. Though she has some impressive cutting skills, the real detail and fine tuning work is yet to come. Employing the use of a 4” belt sander, and possibly a Dremel sanding attachment or two, she is able to create the one of a kind set of pendants you enjoy!

After drilling a small hole in the top of each pendant, Rachel then begins the metal work. As you have noticed, there are many different styles of metal work depending on what looks best for that unique set of earrings. With nothing more than a couple pairs of pliers, and some patients, Rachel bends the wire around the pendants creating a wire attachment that best compliments the pendant's shape. Lastly, an earring hook is attached to the pendants, which completes the set of RideWear earrings.

As a fun bonus fact the paper cards that the earrings are placed on in the box are also unique. Rachel actually creates those too. What starts as a fun, abstract watercolor, is cut down to fit inside each box. I believe all of this is what makes RideWear so amazing. The personalized and fresh flair of RideWear begins with the earrings but is continued through into every aspect of the company in hopes of bringing you the best customer experience possible.

Thank you for showing your support by reading this post! If you have any questions or want a custom accessory made by RideWear, feel free to email us at

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