New RideWear Addition: Colnago C40
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New RideWear Addition: Colnago C40

We were given the opportunity to upcycle a broken 1994 Colnago C40 frame into RideWear Jewelry. We were not very familiar with the Colnago brand but we were instantly in love with the beautiful color scheme. With some research, we grew to not only love the color but adore the craftsmanship behind the C40 bike.


The C40 was a cutting edge carbon bike made to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Colnago brand. What made these bikes truly stunning is the time and skill required to create the fun Art Décor paint scheme. A method of airbrushing was used that required an artist to use layers of masking and airbrushing to give the paint a sense of depth.


This process made each bicycle a unique piece of art. This was not the only unique paint scheme, below is a look back at the 1994 Colnago catalog featuring some of the unique color options. We are excited to bring this damaged bicycle frame back to life and transform it into wearable art!

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