RideWear Reveries: Maybe "Heavy" Is Just A Feeling...
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RideWear Reveries: Maybe "Heavy" Is Just A Feeling...

So there I was, pulling the weight off the floor in an attempt to hit a new snatch personal best…

In that split second when you begin to pull…the feeling can pop into your mind: “this is heavy.” And then you have to decide if you are going to focus on that heavy feeling, or push it aside and let your body do what it knows how to do. 

Often before (and I’m sure even in the future) I’ve started my lift and let the overwhelming sense of how heavy that weight feels get into my head. By the time I reach my hips…I’m so psyched out I let the lift go.

It feels heeaaavvvyyy and I’ve convinced myself there is no way anything more will come of it. 

But is that really the case?

The truth is I have done this movement 100s of times, and while maybe not with this weight…with close to this weight. My body knows what it’s doing and if I let it…maybe magical things can happen :)

That day, as I made the lifts leading up to my PR weight, a number of them felt plenty heavy, but I stuck with it. With the support of my lifting partners…I did my best to trust the fact I had lifted that weight before, my body knew the movement, and I could keep going.

Therefore, when I finally stood with the bar, which was weightier than I had lifted before, I was able to push past the “heavy-ness” and see what my body could do. And by God’s goodness, I was able to successfully land the lift.

So, why am I telling you this? Well, while this may seem like a weight lifting story…it’s not. I mean, it is, but there is a much deeper message to be taken away.

As I thought about how: if the lifts had already felt “heavy” at weights I knew I could make…maybe that “heavy” feeling wasn’t really a great indicator of what I could or could not handle on the bar. Maybe it was just…a feeling.

Then it dawned on me how my lifting session is like my walk with Jesus.

How often do I feel unqualified or under-equipped for the purposes and plans God has placed on my heart? How often do I feel unsure of the gifts the Lord has blessed me with? Or I feel my Savior can’t possibly use me here, or work this or that for His good? I feel unable to fully live in obedience and grace and unsure of how I’m glorifying God in my day-to-day.

But maybe, just like “heavy,” these are simply feelings. And just because I experience them…doesn’t mean they are true. In fact, when I look to scripture, many of these things are in opposition to the truth. Meaning…I can experience them, and then let them go.

And when I replace those misguided feelings with the truth…God can do some pretty cool things in my life, and take me places I never imagined or would have been capable of going on my own.

Now, please don’t hear me saying: none of our feelings matter, or are never right, or even that letting go of them is easy. In fact, some days these fake-out feelings may still get the best of me, and that’s ok. The point is, whether our feelings support or seem to refute the fact, the truth does not change.

The truth is…I am called, saved, forgiven, redeemed, and capable of being the Lord’s disciple as a daughter in Christ.

And that is so good.

Know what else is interesting and wonderful? As we become more confident in the truth, our feelings begin to align better with it, as well :)

With that, I’m continually amazed and thankful for how our Heavenly Father speaks to us in the every day…how he involves himself in all areas of our lives and uses our experiences to teach us more about Him.

Only He can take a Saturday lifting session and reveal truth that extends far beyond the physical.

Landing The Lift

a touch fuzzy...but there it is :)

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