RideWear : From Broken Bikes to Things We Like
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From Broken Bikes to Things We Like

When it comes to RideWear, it all started thanks to an unfortunate-turned-fortunate event that occurred while the Reeds were dating. Something that now brings the couple even closer together was initiated from a moment of destruction. 

So what does that mean? Well, without Jon pulling his car into the garage while forgetting about Rachel’s precious, carbon-fiber road bike strapped in the roof rack…RideWear may have never been conceived. But indeed, in mere seconds, the bike went from sleek and ride-able, to out of commission.


In an attempt to soften the blow for Rachel, Jon decided to make pendants from the down-and-out bike frame. Then, one evening he said: “let’s do a craft”…pulling out wire, ear hooks, and the forms he had cut. Rachel was floored and after they crafted that original pair together she was in love (with Jon and her new jewelry, haha). The earrings became Rachel’s favorite accessory, and one that elicited compliments from many. With the noted level of interest in the jewelry, the couple finally thought: Hey, we should make more of these for other people!


And thus RideWear was off on it’s journey…