RideWear : The Couple Behind The Carbon
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The Couple Behind The Carbon

Welcome! We are thrilled you want to learn more about RideWear.

Let's start by introducing Jon and Rachel Reed, the husband-wife duo behind it all...and their mini-Aussie Kyanne*.

*Don't worry, Kyanne doesn't play a huge role in the jewelry making process, but she does provide lots of cuteness, which keeps everyone's spirits lifted.

These two have been dreaming and creating since they were young. As they grew up, each pursued a different path that built upon and developed their creative potential. Now, as a team, they draw from their unique but complementary talents to provide fresh designs and an enjoyable product experience for you.

Rachel is an artist at heart, who delights in working with her hands and bringing smiles to people’s faces. Her zeal for learning and trying new things, results in a wide-range of passions: from creative projects, to Olympic lifting, to exploring the great outdoors. Rachel's main responsibilities at RideWear are crafting the earrings: from cutting the carbon to adding the final wire details, and being the friendly correspondence for customers. Through packaging, website, and marketing design...Rachel attempts to make your interaction with RideWear as beautiful as possible. 

Jon is a brainstorm guru…always thinking of new ideas and how to solve problems. His sources of joy range from combing over spreadsheets adjusting numbers, to getting greasy in the garage working on cars. For RideWear he is the go-to guy for all things logistic: purchasing, expense tracking, and much more. Additionally, he's quick to lend Rachel a helping hand with: packaging, product photography, market displays and various other tasks necessary to keep RideWear trekking. 

The Reed's strive to make attractive, functional, and maybe a little quirky designs. They see RideWear as one way to use the talent's God has given them to engage with others. By creating pieces that make people smile, they can, in a small way, illustrate God's love and intention for his children...because as His sons and daughters we all have beauty, a purpose, and a little quirkiness going on.

Now you know a touch more about the couple behind the carbon adornments. To learn even more about RideWear be sure to visit the RideWear Origins, A Call For Bikes, and Pedal It Forward pages.